An Exciting Reinvention of the Sports Towel!

Absorbent loop of light-weight terry cloth accessible for your entire match!

NO MORE hand wiping on a slick skirt or slippery shorts.

GOODBYE to hanging towels from fences, crumpling at the baseline, or using only at change-overs.

WEAR THE LOOPY GRIP left side, right side, or back side! It's versatile in every way!


Watch our video on how to wear a Loopy Grip:

  • "I would’ve lost my match today if I didn’t have my loopy grip to wipe my sweaty hands on!!" ~Tracy M.

  • “I didn’t know if I would really use it since I’m not used to something on my skirt, but after using it and showing up one day without it, I REALLY MISSED IT!” ~Robyn F.

  • “As a collegiate tennis player in Florida, I find a lot of use with my Loopy Grip when the grip on my racquet starts to get slick. Even though I wear a wristband, being able to dry off my hands and grips gives each grip a much longer lifespan, and I don’t have to worry about losing my racquet on my serve.” ~Arik S. 

  • “I need more than one because I need it everytime I play tennis now and I’m not doing my laundry quickly enough!” ~Jeanna C.

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